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Old-school class, all the way..." I'm a huge fan of this fragrance.

I own all formulations now (yes there are slight differences) and my favorite is the 2nd formulation.

PRPH is that grown, responsible, and sexy fragrance that will liven up the most classiest to the most modest of attire. Cost is pretty low but for the same price there are many other more evolving and interesting options.This is the fragrance that has stood the test of time and continues to gain new wearers or fans. This scent covers all the needs of the modern working man; it is soapy, herbaceous, earthy, musky, woody, floral and a bit sweet (in the dry down).PRPH sets the bar very high for fougeres and really creates a certain aesthetic for scents of this genre.The dry down of PRPH is just divine and is truly worth the price of a bottle alone.This fragrance is perfect for spring and fall and can be worn for really any occasion, but my only advice is to not bury this scent under too much clothing, let this scent mingle with your skin and sweat and it will work magical masculine wonders!

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